The Skex
are a playable race. The Skex are avians whose ruthless mercantile culture has come to dominate the markets of Senate-controlled space.

Evolved from scavenger birds on their home planet of Urru, the Skex have developed a sixth sense for acquiring wealth. In Skexi culture, personal wealth is a direct indicator of personal worth, and their leaders are chosen from among the executives of the most influential corporations. This oligarchical body is known as the Skex Trade Combine. Skex who have fallen out of favor with the Combine frequently return to their scavenging roots, and turn to piracy.

The Skex are currently represented in the Senate by the Combine-appointed ambassadors Shod and Zok, the latter of whom is currently acting as Speaker.

Agile: Graceful like their avian ancestors, Skex start with a d6 Agility.
Flight: Skex can fly at their basic Pace and even "run" while flying. It costs 2" of Pace to gain 1" of height.
Hollow-boned: Skex have – 1 toughness.



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