Located halfway between Talavar and Urru, Kandahar is a thriving hub of interstellar activity. The type-G star Kandahar boasts seven planetary bodies, and three major colonies: Kandahar-b, its terraformed moon, as well as the Kandahar-g Mining Station.

Neither the Skex Combine nor the Kalian guilds hold true authority over the region, leaving a power vacuum the various local crime lords have been only too happy to fill.


The second planet orbiting the sun, Kandahar-b (known locally as Shikaar) is a terrestrial planet with a largely subterranean hydrosphere. While the planet boasts several vast seas, they cover only 30% of the planet's surface, leaving vast swaths of desert. The capital city of Samud is located in the northern hemisphere on the western shore of the largest sea. The population of the planet is estimated to be around 2 billion inhabitants, mostly of Skex and Kalian descent.


The moon of Shikaar has been terraformed using Kalian technology, and was the site of a major battle between the Kalians and the Skex during the war that followed their first contact. It is now little more than a junk heap, a small, humid world of moss growing on the derelict relics of a conflict nearly one thousand years old. Taara is the home of the Gorch crime family and a population of approximately 16 million.


A gas giant near the periphery of Kandahar's gravitational field, Kandahar-g is the terminal planet of the system. A Combine-owned mining colony orbits the hydrogen-rich mass, with a population of around 22 thousand.

Ship Graveyard

The twin tellurian planets Kandahar-c and Kandahar-d share a synchronized orbit around the star. As they make their revolutions, they move regularly closer and farther apart, creating strange pockets of gravity that can catch debris traveling between them in their orbit. During the First Contact War between the Kalians and Skex, many derelict ships that didn't crash on Kandahar-b's moon drifted into their orbit and now remain a permanent fixture in what has been deemed the Ship Graveyard.

Kandahar-e's Moon

While Kandahar-e is an unexceptional silicate planet, devoid of atmosphere or useful raw materials, its moon is actually teeming with life. The toxic gases comprising the atmosphere create a greenhouse effect sufficient to warm the satellite, and the local flora and fauna have been able to develop natural ways to filter out the toxins. A small research station on the surface houses approximately 100 scientists. There is evidence to suggest that there are diverse medical applications for the vegetation growing on Kandahar-e's moon.


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