Pyper Gorch


Age: 54
Species: Skex
Height: 157cm

Pya “Pyper” Gorch is the de facto leader of the Gorch family crime syndicate, and is as ruthless as she is cunning. Her aging father has effectively retired, leaving her in charge of the day-to-day affairs. Her younger brothers, Daak and Straak, are terrified of her.

Pyper has a soft spot for helping out those in a financial pinch, but is quick to recall debts and considers a favor owed a matter of life and death.

She received her nickname due to an unfortunate predilection of clubbing to death those who renege on business arrangements with a rusted lead pipe she pulled straight from the wall in her family’s basement.

Quote: “It’s time to pay Pyper.”

Pyper Gorch

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