Playable Species

Children of Man, androids who fled from Gaea, a world all but destroyed by the now-extinct humanity.
Skex, avian scavengers-turned-merchant kings from Urru. Ruled by corporate oligarchy.
Mokomoko, religious reptilian nomads from Marama, a desert wasteland planet.
Kalians, four-armed humanoids from Talavaar, known for their quick reactions, razor sharp wit, marksmanship, and swordplay.
Ogrim, hulking fur-covered humanoids from Talavaar, they once relied on their Kalian neighbors for all their technology.
Formics, insectoids from Frrf, they have a thick natural exoskeleton.
Espers, diminuitive grey-skinned humanoids from Proxima Centauri gifted with telepathy.
Omari, aquatic crustacians whose homeworld of Thetis B is rapidly losing heat due to the disappearance of its star.

Non-playable Species

Humanity, the extinct inhabitants of Gaea, whose genius gave birth to the Children of Man, and whose hubris ignited the war that ultimately ended their own race.
Rakashans, a militaristic feline race seeking to conquer Proxima Centauri, currently using Mars as their base of operations.

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