Capital Planets

Gaea, uninhabited nuclear wasteland; home of the Children of Man and their extinct predecessors, humanity.
Proxima Centauri, home of the Espers. Located relatively near Gaea and the Sol system.
Urru, rocky planet with three moons; home of the Skex.
New Marama, a terraformed moon of the desert planet Marama and home to the Mokomoko Tribes.
Talavaar, a planet with large ice caps with a small inhabitable band around the equator; home to the Kalians and the Ogrim.
The Frrf, a collection of terraformed asteroids inhabited by the Formics.

Colony Planets

Kandahar, a star system nearly equidistant from both Kalian and Skex territory near The Watchtower.
Mars, neighboring planet to Gaea, base of Rakashan military operations against Proxima Centauri.

Other Celestial Bodies

The Watchtower, a giant city and space station; home of the Senate.

The Slipstream, an astral current that runs through the galaxy, enabling faster-than-light travel within its stream.


The Exile, a transport vessel and attached fighter ship, originally called the Hammer and Anvil, stolen and rechristened. Equipped with a cutting-edge micro-FTL drive.

The Crow's Nest, the small personal ship of crime syndicate boss Pya "Pyper" Gorch.

The Big Top, an enormous pleasure frigate, property of the Skex ringmaster and con artist Betram Bailey.

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